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If you have a tutorial you would like listed in this category, post it below and our team will give it a review. Please ensure your tutorial is easy to follow, of good media quality and covers the topics well. This will only save you as the author time from answering questions on “Wait, how did you do that?” Or “What key did you press”

We are moderating the tutorials that are listed to help ensure the education here is:

A)Is actually education
B)Of decent quality. (Video codec, ability to follow, etc…)

Tutorial Requests:
If you have a tutorial request please submit :evilgrin:that to each respective author you find here. PM or via their contact info from their post.

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Just a request here.
Could we append to the title of the tutorial whether it is video (vid) or text (txt)? Some of us have slow internet connections.
Video tutorials can be scheduled for download when (and if) we are sleeping or such. :wink:

Thank you.

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Thanks everyone for approving my tutorial!

um…what if I use my feed for other, non-tutorial updates as well?

Any post in the tutorials forum, whether made manually or via an rss feed needs approval by a moderator so in the past I’ve just deleted non tutorial posts that show up from feeds. If you could make a feed just for tutorials that would would be best.

Don’t know if my post in the forum got posted or not. I assume it’s up for moderation but I can’t be sure I didn’t get an error.

Here is my tutorial in case:

umm, where is the RSS to the tutorial feed? Sorry, I’m just a little confused at the moment. I want to subscribe to it on google reader so I can use my iPad to follow along while I do the work on my pc. Thanks.

Is it this, http://blenderartists.org/forum/external.php?type=RSS2&forumids=32 ?

thanks for the tuto…
but i still confuse about the key that i must press to doing this and that…
could you write down the list of direct key…?? please… i’m still newbie…


I made Boolean Modifier Tutorial.

No audio but there are Screencast Keys and video quality is good:

  • 9min 22sec, 720p, 30fps.
  • source lagarith lossless 24bit (rgb255), 621Mb.
  • encoded to x264 placebo single pass lossless (rgb235), 106Mb.
  • ofcorse reencoded by YouTube.

I show in video how to point normals and how to use Boolean with relativily high geometry meshes (in video meshes with 453 980 and 147 456 triangle Faces).

Worth mentioning, boolean was broken some time agoo like with Blender 2.61.0 r43210,
but works well in version 2.62.2 r45090M.

Have a small Tank Track Tutorial here that addresses some issues that I have not seen covered before… take a look see and see what you guys think…

Note because of the you tube 15 minuet limit the tutorial is in 2 parts… find the second part in the listing below the video…

the above link is defunct… please use this link now for these videos… (currently up to 9 videos on this one subject) (10minuets per vid)

BlenderJunk!: Hard surface detailing objects using particles


  • Blender 2.62 (using BMesh)
  • Video tutorial: 26:09 length WITH audio and screencast

In this video tutorial for Blender 2.62, I show you how to add surface details to objects using particle systems in a manner very similar to the 3DSMax paint objects script. Very intuitive, flexible, and easy to use once set up.

…Also my first Blender video tutorial. :o

hi all , if you need tutorials look at : Blender Essentiel vimeo movie:
“+1000” Vimeo tutorials in this Channel : https://vimeo.com/channels/154918
thanx for all

Hi I would like my tutorial to be posted in your support tutorial section.

Link to video- http://youtu.be/MDLUnZgq-Ok
I insure you that its:
-easy to follow
-Good quality(has HD support aswell)
-covers the topic well

Its about rigging a vehicle and on the side having wheels follow a ground that has bumps or ridged surface for physics like.

It is my greatest dream to become a respected legend in the Blender Community like master Williamson, Price, and Ward. I have been studying Blender solid for almost 3 years. I have lost friends and girlfriends over my obsession with this amazing piece of software. I can confidently say I have used this program every single day without fail. I have ceased watching television and watch nothing but tuts. I have seen them all no matter how rare or pricy. I am not here to brag but to humbly request the privilege to be able to assist the community with Blender knowledge from a different perspective.

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I have made a video tutorial on how to do 2D pixel Art in Blender based on the technique made by Blendswap member “VIDJOGAMER”.

I learnt the technique of his blend and so I made a tutorial on how to do as there is not one out there at the moment.


I do try to make high quality tutorials and hopefully this one meets a high enough standard!
Thank you for your time

video tutorial on how to model a lantern part 1 link from you tube below thank you

Here is my simple cartoon smoke tutorial with the use of the Freestyle Blender 3D build.
You can pick up the build at http://www.graphicall.org/ since it not in the main trunk as of posting this.


I have started a series of tutorials for creating a game with blender and unity. The first is here http://youtu.be/g6PD80BvshU



I am interested in images and files handling in Blender, importing exporting files, images, UV sets, painting and sculpting specifics, etc. I am not interested in workflow tutorials as there are a lot of great tutorials for that out there.

If anyone can point me to the tutorials for these kind of Blender specifics I would be very greatfull.

P.S. It would be nice to open a thread for official tutorial requests in this section of forum.