Tutorial Journey

My very first Tutorial ever ! with Blender Guru

i was very proud

After this after that, of course, another had to come!

still in 2018 with Blender 2.79 Blender Guru

the first fail i don’t save my progress of 8-10 hours of work the final one where you can klick render and blender say somthing like “no bye”… and i end up with this at least.

Blender Guru

after this i need a long break Blender betray me on this day… in the end of 2018 i come back,
Still knowing i have to spam this Ctrl + S … With CG Geek And his Awesome TutorialTORNADO in 3D
And im like OMG i have to do this!!!


The first Limit for my CPU… 2sec of movie for an Half day of Baking Physics
and the same for my GPU to render…

after this in 2019 i buy me a book where i did this only

then i took what felt like a long break for monster hunters.
But After this then I found Ducky 3d ,the results were quick and very cool.

Of course, I’ve done many more, but I’m sure you know all of them anyway

But I realized that maybe I should learn to model first. so i did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLLpiuInsTo&t=740s with with less speed, it was terrible with the music in so slow, but i learned a lot.

after that I found https://www.youtube.com/c/CrossMindStudio/videos that was totally amazing

and then I fell into the next trap LOW POLLY
with polygon runway

but back to real modeling with DECODED

And of course I kept the new dount and the chair made by Blender Guru