(Tutorial) Level of Detail - LOD

Full Demonstration on using LOD in blenderGE.
script and .blend included!

that isn’t lod at all, you just put a high poly on top of a medium poly on top of a low poly, as soon as i saw that i X’d out, but i can guess that as the camera gets further, the higher poly disappears, even further the medium poly disappears etc…

that won’t help framerate at all…

It actually does…

yeah but all three objects are still there… all the time. your just cycling through which one is visable, but three objects are still being calculated. that MIGHT work…

but what if the object has logic? what if the object has collisions? what if the object is dynamic or a rigid body? what if its an occluder? or casts shadows? what if its animated? what if its removable in game? having three objects stacked right on top of each other seems to be working in the opposite direction.

hey i may be wrong, but i just dont see any proof that it will beef up frame rate and not cause a whole bunch of other problems.

its still a clever approach though!

I use replace mesh in hidden layers, greatly increases the framerate.

Ill try that…easy fix lol


For landscape and animated meshes, I use mist and near sensor-> add object. When the object is by the mist, it disappears. Besides, you must lay your scene out in a way you always have an optimum amount of polycount. Blender does not behave itself when too many highpoly meshes are next to each other, thus you quasi-LOD wont help when you are in the middle of a crowd!
I hope 2.5 has got dynamic real LOD!

me too. it works great but takes some setting up

putting them in hidden layers is better than stacking them on top of each other, but since blender calculates all layers at the same time, it still takes up the memory…

Using proxy objects of a lod object is also very effective.Proxies a just pointers to a real object so they take less memory. In fact I reccomend using only proxies everywhere its possible.

I"m trying to run Nicolay blend using Blender 2.78.
But only the TAB key works; the other WASD keys just don’t do anything.
What am I doing wrong?
BTW, I have activated the Auto-Python-Script flag; also
I have a AZERTY keyboard.