Tutorial Links Traffic Down

Hmm, here’s the traffic report on the tutorial links:

Anyone got any ideas or suggestion on how to get more traffic?

Yes, go to your own site repeatedly.


Seriously, I think you give out too much publicity on it already. You last promoted it when you posted something about eating a sandwhich! (Just kidding.) If you want more traffic,

  1. Add more tutorials (I’ve never been there, though)
  2. Have some amusing GIFs with things like Carrot Top dying and me hanging myself
  3. Make up urban legends about the page,
  4. STOP POSTING ABOUT IT IN THE OFF-TOPIC SECTION! If it’s Blender, post it on the NORMAL Blender chat!

Please, excersise your right to (censored).

Sorry, Valarqueer, but I’m not gay, not to mention I don’t want to know where you’ve been. (Fights VK)

Alright, then if you don’t have something nice to say. Don’t say it at all.


You’ve got it wrong. It’s “If you don’t have something that Basil Fawlty would say, keep thinking until you come upon it.” Go to hell.


I do think the real one is: “If you don’t have anything nice or intelligent to say, then keep it shut.”


You are one young angry chap, aren’t you? Well, that is what Eminem does to the youngster of these evil days.

VALARKING: Me thinks, that most people, who use your tuts are members of Elysiun, and therefore they are used to dig up tutorials from the forums.
Some of these pople have alreayd looked through your tuts and perhaps saved them onto their hardisk for offline viewing. (I do this myself, because of my modem speed. I’d recon many people do.)

So, the people you want to look your tuts are not members and therefore they are not acostumed (O.K. they may be used to it, but maybe they are just lazy) to dig info from the forums. Maybe we could perusade webmaster (Is it S68 at the moment?) to put tutorial link at the index page of Elysiun, where all the tuts would be easy to find?


all in a similar format (for regularity) tutorials

on the front page of elysiun.com, or in the tutorial section there.

i pissed me off trying to search through 40 pages of tutorials to find a good one, so i stoped looking!!!

if all the best covering different topics were all in ONE PLACE, HERE at elysiun, then people may look at them more

Alltaken (p.s. i havn’t looked at them for so long that i may be mistaken on all my points)

It was quite some time ago that I sorted them.

It was quite some time ago that I sorted them.[/quote]

try this &*%$#@^ link valarking


so i don’t know WTF you are talking about when you say its been done already!!!



i am not gonna look through the TRUTORIAL LINK LIST which is rediculusly long!!!

PUT THEN IN THE LINK PROVIDED and you might get more traffic to them.

it makes a bit of %$#@&^* sense that people will look in the section mark TUTORIALS for TUTORIALS.

they have NOT changed since i came at the time NaN went BUST.

that is my 2 cents and hopefully you now understand what i was saying, rather than thinking you have done it some time ago, COZ YOU DIDN’T.


Alltaken, take your pills and come back and read this reply.

I cannot change what’s on elysiun.com.

well then find out a way or work with someone who can

you asked for reasons why it wasn’t popular, then i gave you a response which you said you had done.

which was NOT true, coz i was talking about somthing else.

talk to goofster, S68, theeth etc…

and work with them to do it, then.

in short the answer to your original question (with no agro)


the tutorials are in the wrong place!!!
they are confusing to find!!!
and are all in differnet formats!!!

also as the blender comunity matures they don’t need to read the tuts coz they know more about blender and dn’t need basic tuts

therefore you are not getting the number of viewers

hope you can understand that one!!!