Tutorial Links

(valarking) #1

I’m working on making this. Any suggestions?

(rwv01) #2

I’t good. The more tutorial link pages we have the better IMO.
The only thing I would suggest is mabe you could catagorize them lesson type. I.e. basic modelling, texturing, uv mapping, etc. just for navigation’s

'ta bien!

(blengine) #3

theres a huuuuge list of tutes in the qusiton and answer forum… u should list them on your list as well =)

(valarking) #4

Sounds like a good idea. I’ll get started on that.

(Timonides) #5

Hey valarking…

Also check out this page:


They have a list of some Blender tutorials there.

I don’t know if all the links are working, but I think most of them do.


(valarking) #6

Interesting, I’ll try to add those when I’m done reorginizing.

(BgDM) #7

Nice start. Check out Stefano’s list in the Q&A forum here. Just about all of the tutes are listed there.

And I also have a tute on env mapping to get a nice metalic look on my site:



(valarking) #8

I updated with categories. Check it out.

(fossileyes) #9

Great work valarking, it sure helps me and everyone else who’s looking for that special tutorial. :smiley:

(rwv01) #10

I’ll bookmark it.

(valarking) #11

200 hits, w00t!

(ben999995) #12

i have 5 tuts on my site you can list.


(valarking) #13

Ok! I’ll get on it. If anyone else has some I left out, please feel free to post the urls here or email them to me.

(malefico) #14

Great Valarking! Thank you for including my tuts on your list.
You’re doing great by classifying them all, it’s always the worse part to organize the information…

Good luck.


(valarking) #15

You’re welcome, yours are some of THE BEST.
Classifying the whole mess took a while, but now it’s more helpful than ever.

(valarking) #16

the counter went backwards. hmmm

(UglyMike) #17

Oooops… ‘Temporary Unavailable’ :frowning:

Guess that’s the price for being popular… :wink:

(valarking) #18

I have moved it to another hoster with a better data transfer rate. Way better. Oh, and it has remote linking too.


(IngieBee) #19

My gosh, you know I was hoping you’d have found more game tutorials. We really need more of them… ( errr… no time, sorry, LOL)

(thatbrikwal) #20

maybe make it searchable once you have enough links