Tutorial Links

My Tutorial Links are starting to get big, and if I add much more I won’t have enough room on the server. So I’m wanting to upgrade to a bigger, faster, better server. Unfortunately, as I found with Cyberwings, small services suck. I only make $5 a week right now, because I’m too young to work legally at a job. This is where the problem begins.

Weirdhat, how do you keep up weirdhat.com?
Does anyone think I should put one of those “Paypal Donate” things? If so, will anyone donate?

Need a bank account to be able to draw from one of those.

valarking you know I’d cut my right hand for you…

Well, o.k. I’m a bit exxagerating… But I’d sure donate…

But you sure need to offer something more in order to get some interest from others… like some downloads or something… I don’t know…


Thanks Skontar. :wink:
You’re right, if I were to put up a donate thing, I’d have to offer more stuff. I’m willing to do that for sure.

And about the bank account, you’re right! But I think I could just have it donate to my mom’s PayPal account, she doesn’t use it too much. :wink:

I got a guestbook set up.

Maybe you can afford paying a small account from www.rackhost.net? The light rack plan only costs 9.95 a month which I think is excellent and it offers a lot of features which usually costs more than 29.99 on most known companies.

Just a suggestion. That’s where I have my website at. :wink:

That’s a very interesing service. Very nice. Right now I can’t afford it becuase $5 a week allowance while constantly buying Chrismas gifts is very taxing on my money.
Maybe I should set up the PayPal thing.
Or possibly open something at cafepress.com
How’s your success there been, DreamMaster?

you seem to start having pretty good set of links there… are you planning on organizing the site layout …
the current one is ok, readable, but frankly quite horrible to look at :slight_smile: it just a looooooong tube of links in a differet size of boxes with a little too dark background…

let me know if you need a helping hand with that…