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(valarking) #1

My Tutorial Links are starting to get big, and if I add much more I won’t have enough room on the server. So I’m wanting to upgrade to a bigger, faster, better server. Unfortunately, as I found with Cyberwings, small services suck. I only make $5 a week right now, because I’m too young to work legally at a job. This is where the problem begins.

Weirdhat, how do you keep up weirdhat.com?
Does anyone think I should put one of those “Paypal Donate” things? If so, will anyone donate?

(cohort) #2

Need a bank account to be able to draw from one of those.

(Timonides) #3

valarking you know I’d cut my right hand for you…

Well, o.k. I’m a bit exxagerating… But I’d sure donate…

But you sure need to offer something more in order to get some interest from others… like some downloads or something… I don’t know…


(valarking) #4

Thanks Skontar. :wink:
You’re right, if I were to put up a donate thing, I’d have to offer more stuff. I’m willing to do that for sure.

And about the bank account, you’re right! But I think I could just have it donate to my mom’s PayPal account, she doesn’t use it too much. :wink:

(valarking) #5

I got a guestbook set up.

(DreamMaster) #6

Maybe you can afford paying a small account from www.rackhost.net? The light rack plan only costs 9.95 a month which I think is excellent and it offers a lot of features which usually costs more than 29.99 on most known companies.

Just a suggestion. That’s where I have my website at. :wink:

(valarking) #7

That’s a very interesing service. Very nice. Right now I can’t afford it becuase $5 a week allowance while constantly buying Chrismas gifts is very taxing on my money.
Maybe I should set up the PayPal thing.
Or possibly open something at cafepress.com
How’s your success there been, DreamMaster?

(basse) #8

you seem to start having pretty good set of links there… are you planning on organizing the site layout …
the current one is ok, readable, but frankly quite horrible to look at :slight_smile: it just a looooooong tube of links in a differet size of boxes with a little too dark background…

let me know if you need a helping hand with that…