Tutorial list

Hi, I thought it might be useful to have a list of 2D tutorials here.

1: painting nose, lips, hair, eye
2: General (photoshop)
3: Many Gimp tuts and brushes at the bottom
4: Clouds-non specific
5: Clouds, weathered metal, fur, planets, mountains.(photoshop)
6: Hair and fur (photoshop)
7: Planets (gimp)
8: Links to Photshop tut, Drawing/Painting tuts, Matte painting tuts
9: Links to loads of Gimp tuts
10: How to make tilable textures (Gimp)

Thanks to Clean3D for these:-
11: Planet tut (photoshop)
12: Realistic star field (Non-specific)

That’s it for now I hope you find some of them useful, you can add to the list if you want to.

Thanks Nobody

Thanks for posting this, Nobody.
Some very nice gimp tutorials there, and I think the photoshop tutorials could be adapted to work on gimp.

Good drawing / painting tuts too.



Thanks for posting these, Nobody! I’ve got some reading to do…:slight_smile:

May I contribute?

Nice tutorials! Yeah I’m sure they’re adaptable between other programs, it’s still the same idea. There aren’t so many Blender video tuts out there, so it’s easier to find some for Max or Maya and just see what they do instead of how.

Thanks, glad they are of some use.

I only use Gimp myself but as you have said you can apply most of it to other applications.

Clean3D: Of course you can :D, I’ve added them to my original post.

Great resource and thanks for starting this. It will help a lot of people.

I have made this a sticky topic so it doesn’t get lost.


My pleasure.

(BTW, some of these sites may contain content that offend you. You have been warned. Also, remember, if you wish, to read the usage terms for the different sites.)


You might also check 3dcafe and cgtalk for tutorials.

I have written a number of Photoshop tutorials covering interface design, textures, etc.:
Photoshop Tutorials

And I have an ongoing series on “Making Spaceships With Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items”, also known as “analog modeling” which teaches how to view everyday objects as potential parts for spaceships:
Making Spaceships With Aspirin Bottles and Toilet Items

You guys are forgetting the biggest PS tut site around.


O.K. this is my first time visiting the 2D forum and I want to know what 2D program those tutorials are for. I have 3 diffent 2D programs I have: Adobe Photoshop, MGI PhotoSuite 95 (really old program), and Freeware of project dogwaffle. The program you are using looks very good and I think I can make some good pictures with it. So please tell me what program this is.

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Great drawing/painting video tutorials:

Some pencil drawings, with videos included.


Some excellent tips for every designer. These tutorials are really informative and understandable. thanks for the post!

Useful resource and thanks for sharing this…

Hiya All

Just been breezing through Youtube and came across the following:

I’ve been struggling to find a basic drawing tutorial set to learn how to create concept pictures for modelling, and I think I’ve found it: Brilliant.

The set is as follows:

Lesson 1 - Lines & Shapes
Lesson 2 - The Ellipse
Lesson 3 - Introduction to 3D Drawing
Lesson 4 - One Point Perspective
Lesson 5 - One Point Perspective Part 2
Lesson 6 - Two Point Perspective Part 1
Lesson 7 - Two-Point Perspective Part 2
Lesson 8 - Two Point Perspective Part 3: Drawing Furniture
Lesson 9 - Drawing Irregular Shapes Part 1
Lesson 9 - Drawing Irregular Shapes Part 2
Lesson 10 - Drawing a Cylinder
Lesson 11 - Using Ellipses to draw Flowers
Lesson 12 - Rendering Part 1 - Basic Shading
Lesson 13 - Rendering Part 2 - Adding a Shadow
Lesson 14 - Drawing the Human Face - Front View
Lesson 15 - Drawing the Human Face at an Angle


Prepare to be blown away: http://theartcenter.blogspot.com/

@Loolarge - The Art Center is great. Those guys are mega talented.

Try reading through the community mentoring and tutorials forums at ConceptArt.org. Both are very useful in general.

Came across a great one on drawing faces today. Here

And an excellent video tutorial on figure drawing: