TUTORIAL: Making Realtime Trees

Okay, I see a loooot of post on how to make realtime trees around here. I found a good method, so here I goes:

  • Download and install the “gen3” script from www.geocities.com/bgen3/.
  • Start up Blender and create a circle in top view (NUMPAD 7)
  • Extrude along Z (E, Z) in front view (NUMPAD 1) about 3/4 the height of the tree.
  • Scale this new circle down a bit (S).
  • Extrude (E) again, about the last 4th of the tree. Merge these top verts together (Alt+M, At Center).
  • Tahdah! A trunk!
  • Now we need branches! In a new layer, run the gen3 script and get a tree you like.
  • Delete the trunk.
  • Add a brown material to the branches.
  • Add a camera in front view.
  • In the Rendering tab, set it up to render a .PNG image, RGBA, 256x256. Make sure you set the output to the correct folder.
  • Set end frame to 1 and click Animate.
  • Go back to your trunk and add a plane.
  • Enter face mode (F) and open up the image you just rendered.
  • Click Alpha and Twoside.
  • Scale the plane so that it fits the trunk.
  • Move it so that it is in the center of the trunk.
  • Duplicate it (Shift+D) and rotate it ® once or twice.
  • Select all planes and the trunk and Join them (Ctrl+J)
  • TAHDAH! You now have an awesome tree. So be happy. :pSimple huh? :smiley: Actually, it is. I will post pics later, when I get home… So Long!

That sounds pretty useful.

I was confused by the term “realtime tree” though…sounds like you get to sit around watching trees grow or something :smiley:
After three years of staring, you notice the tree is a little bigger and it dawns on you that it’s growing in realtime…

Haha! You should write a paper about the subject…

Thanks for sharing man! The tree script is interesting…

The tree script is awesome.

The technique for mapping the texture onto a flat plane, duplicating and rotating it around to form a tree, provides decent results but not the greatest.

:DA tutorial on how to create a low poly tree that would look good at all different angles would be great.

:(Sigh, sadly I’ve seen them done on many GE games, but I still don’t understand the whole technique behind it.

Jason Lin

Making trees is pretty simple, it’s all about planning how you want it to look. It might seem trivial planning out a tree, but the best games always have prior planning to save polys. This is one reason why box-modeling isn’t as good as by-vertex, you can’t plan box-modeling as well, (not saying that nobody can do it, most people can’t.)

all angles? use icospheres… : )

but seriously if you used oddlyshaped icospheres all mapped with alpha textures, the result might be pretty good…I might just try that…

Nice contribution, awesome topic, thank you for bringing that up. There might be another elegant solution with, admittedly “very little programming” using IrrEdit, Irrlicht and Klaskers Treegenerator. They look…:eek:, well, see yourself. IrrEdit can export to Collada 1.4. And Blender is supposed to be able to import just that format. I didn’t try that myself yet, but it should work, hmm, somehow :smiley:

Impressive Screenshots of trees, consider this is NOT rendered, no no, realtime trees;)


EDIT: As not everybody likes programming, there is another true non-programmer possibility:

“Klasker’s Trees” is a standalone treegenerator, which itselfs uses OPENGL…There comes GLintercept into play. It does does just what it sounds like: It intercepts the 3D-Data and generates obj. files shader data and the textures in use by the “intercepted” program. Nice combination. Gives you trees. free of any freaking copyright cause you generated them yourself. That gives you the (copy)right to save them. See Klasker’s license on his site. Cool one.