Tutorial manager here on BA

So just tonight I was taking a look a the tutorials page here on BA (not the tutorial forum), and it’s quite apparent that it’s not up to date. There’re a lot of great tutorials that are not listed that should be. And so, rather than simply asking that someone work on getting it up to date, I’d like to take the responsibility. I know there’s a lot of work involved, which very few people have the time for. If it were run in such a way that people could submit tutorials to me and then I would add them to the tutorial section, assuming they were of sufficient quality of course. Really all it needs is someone to just add the tutorials and keep it fairly updated; continuenly adding the tutorials that’re posted to the tutorial forum as well.

I would have emailed this directly to the BA admin but I couldn’t quite remember who is in charge now.

Anyhow, if this would work I would like to take up the position as the tutorials page is already a good resource but it could be great!

I think you pretty much qualifiy for this position…
good luck,
p.s.: goofster is the main authority of this forum.

If you need any help, let me know. It’s a big job that needs doing, and I know I wouldn’t have enough time to do it myself. But I can devote a few hours a week.

While we are on this topic (I agree the Tutorial section ought to be updated), what about getting someone to update the Gallery section? Personally, I was wondering why the Gallery can’t just display the works from the forum gallery. Either that or remove the “Gallery” section altogether. The forum section of the website is great but not much else seems to get updated at all- which is fine as people are busy with other things in which case the sections should be removed.

For example, someone new to Blenderartists may click “Gallery”, see only six images and may leave unimpressed completely unaware of the active Forum gallery and the great work there. What do you think?

Anyway, mr_bomb congrats on (what must be) your new position as Tutorial manager!:smiley:
I’m sure you’ll be a great tutorial manager.