Tutorial movie file test -- Update

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I feel I have had a large enough sample of opinions so I have removed the file for download below to save on bandwidth.

Thanks for responding
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I was hoping to make some tutorial movies for blender so I made a 60 second clip as a proof of concept. I need a couple of windows and apple users to test if the file works on their media players and comment whether the quality of the video and audio is good enough for them to follow. – Don’t comment on the content of the video I just babled away for 60 sec. Once I get enough comments I’m going to remove the file so I won’t get charged an arm and a leg for the bandwidth.

(1.8Mb file)
** file removed **

It will take about 60Mb for a 30 minute tutorial. How many people would interested in downloading a file this size for a video tutorial? Or would it be a waste of my time?


I downloaded it at 137Kb/sec. for the file.
Windows 2000, using the MS Media Player v9. Quality of the image was good and easy to read all of the button labels and even the axis in the lower left of the 3d screen. 602x498 seems like an odd imaged size, but it worked on a 1024x768 screen resolution. It looks like the image was chopped off a bit on the left and right. This shouldn’t be a problem if you can scroll left and right. The sound level was a bit low and had some background noise. It may be better to record just the video and dub the audio later.

I am ready as well!!! Thank you!

works fine here
Win 98, P150, 32MB RAM, so you don’t have any problems with performance-eating codecs :wink:

I agree the sound is really low though, I had to turn the sound up a lot, and my computer beeped at me halfway through and I reacted nearly as bad as that ghosts movie in O/T :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing is that you might be able to shrink the button window further (with Ctrl+MMB) to save that much more space in the movie - you really do want to get it as small as possible. Experiment to see how small you can get the buttons before compression artifacts make them unreadable…

On the content side of things, when you make the actual tutorials, you’ll have to make sure the viewer can tell what keys you’ve pressed, etc. Merely saying them aloud coult be ok, but better might be to also overlay the keystrokes and mouseclicks as text onto the movie, like subtitles. If you don’t have anything to do this with, then blender’s sequence editor could come in handy (“AlphaOver” comes to mind).

works fine here, XP, 512 mb ram Windows media 9

I can read everything clearly and yes I would be interested in video tutorials. Lets us know when you have them posted. :smiley:

Works awesome here. Windows XP using the latest WinAmp player.

Good video quality. Go for it. I’d love to see your tutorials.
Thanks for your dedication to the community.

Win2002, p4, Windows Media Palyer 9

Works Great. How are you handle the instructions: text or audio. If audio, the size could go up a bit, especially for 30 minutes worth. I would definately like to see the final result.

Just thought of something regarding the audio.

You might want to cut the audio (reduce file size) and add short subtitles. The advantage would be that someone could do translations and you would have tutorials available for non-English users.


Im ofcours (as the others) interested.
Works fine here, Debian SID, mplayer CVS-040717.

I propose to the others (who have codecs problem), download this video player:
This is the windows version (with gui) of the famous mplayer video player(www.mplayerhq.hu)
Play almost everything, and not need codecs installed on windows.

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