Tutorial new rigging Fingers, Face, Spine.

Hi Guys!
I did rigging for the character “Shaman”. In Blender 2.5.
Added new elements to control the fingers, face and spine. Rigging for fingers can now be done very quickly. Controls for the face (eyebrows, Jaw, lips), ease of use. Do not make a lot of shapes keys. I think this is very useful rigging. :eyebrowlift:
Ok. I made a video. It demonstrates the possibility of rigging.:slight_smile:

Made a lesson. How to make a similar rigging.

Ah it’s in russian, :slight_smile: can’t understand. can you sub or something :slight_smile:

Can I second the subtitles?

It’s an excellent model -very natural looking in style and pose!

Many thanks for the tut, I’ve been looking for something like this!

aermartin: Yes, in Russian. However, there are pasting text in English.
“can you sub or something” - not understand :wink:
Tea_Monster: Thanks man.!
“Can I second the subtitles?” - you want to make subtitles?

Sorry, it’s an English expression, to ‘second’ something means that I’d like to make a second request for subtitles.

Aermartin was requesting that there be English subtitles so that us Yanks and Europeans can follow your tutorial.

I don’t know Russian though :frowning:

Brilliant model, it’s got loads of personality.

Awesome work Dimetri :wink:

Thanks Loolarge. I think it will simplify your work. )

Very interesting model and rigging. I like the fact that it was done in 2.5.

I have two russian speakers in my home (since my wife and her son are from Ukraine…) Let me see if I can get some help coming up with a translation for this tutorial… I will talk to my wife and son and see if they have time available for helping the “English-only” artists among us :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reference Demetrii!

Hi MarkJoel60.
Yes, of course. If there is such possibility. You can translate English lessons. )

This looks like a very professional rig. Is it for a larger project? I would love to see more finalized work with it.

Hi, LiquidApe. Thanks man. )
I do not like char “Shaman” in Durian commands. Their character is like a pirate.
I liked the picture “Shaman” David. I made a version of the character that I like. :wink:
I will do the animation and rendering. The shaman will perform a magical ceremony, and see what happens then. ) Sorry for my english. :)))

Fantastic work Dimetrii, you really did a great job skinning.

i love your setup! i will add some of it to my rigging style. i understood the tutorial even though i can’t speak or understand russian.

Hamster Jack, Woodman5k: Thanks guys.
Yes, in this lesson, you can understand even without knowing the Russian language. Everything is very easy. :slight_smile:

The video looks nice, but I can’t get it to work. First question is - does it only work in Blender 2.5? Or also in 2.49? Second question, could someone post a transcript of the steps? The subtitles are nice, but not detailed enough, and I can’t read the on-screen options. The main thing that I can’t get to work, is the second Bone’s Rotation Constraint. I’ve tried every combination of local/world/parent space, and it doesn’t move like the video. Thanks.

Hi, jc_dev.
This method works on 2.5 and 2.49 ( 2.48).
Everything works in all versions of Blender. Look carefully videos. Use only the local space.
For this method applies a minimum of action. You miss something.

Yes, I missed something, I am trying to figure out what. However, I now have it working, although there are some differences that I don’t know if they are important.

Given three Bones (Bone.01, Bone.02, Bone.03) and one Target:
I constrained rotation on Bone.01 to Target, and left it at Worldspace/Worldspace.
I constrained rotation on Bone.02 to Bone.01, and changed it to Local With Parent/Local Space, no Offset.
I constrained rotation on Bone.03 to Bone.02, and changed it to Local With Parent/Local Space, no Offset.

From the Video, it looked like Bone.02 was rotation-constrained to the Target, and not the first Bone, but I couldn’t get it to work that way. Nor could I get get any rotation at all with just Local Space/Offset, only Local With Parent/No Offset.

It seems to be working, which is cool, but I don’t understand why it works, which means that someday it will come back and haunt me :slight_smile:

John C>
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When you are the anvil, bear - when the hammer, strike.”

My wife listened to the video and tells me she will need to put on headphones and stop it a lot, but she thinks she can do the translation.

The only tutorial I see right now is the finger tutorial. Are you doing other tutorials as well? Or are they available somewhere I cannot see?

jc_dev :
Constrained “Copy rotation” on Bone.01 to Target, and left it at Worldspace/Worldspace.
Constrained “Copy rotation” Bone.02 to Bone.01, and changed it to Local Space/Local Space, Offset on.
Constrained “Copy rotation” Bone.03 to Bone.01, and changed it to Local Space/Local Space, Offset on.
Use my scheme and you will have no problems. )

That’s good.:wink:
In this the video is - 3 lessons: fingers, spine and face.
There are lessons on sculpting in blender 2.48. It is no longer relevant, the old version.

OK, my son did the translation into English for me. And then I did the translation into Blender-speak.

How’s this? Is it useful? If so, I will do the rest of them as well…

Finger Rig Tutorial with Subtitles