tutorial on ,Animation by Interpolation :Blender.Ipo

Hi friends,

I am doing well in Blender.
Here is a tutorial on animating the object by using Blender.Ipo .
Sorry for poor english,but concept is very rich.
link :

No body is trying this !

I haven’t tried it yet but did read it. It sounds usefull, when I get used to python a bit more I will give it a try for shure!
Thanks man!

It is very usefull.
Give it a try,recently i have discovered that if we use this for camera,
we can easily control the frames and the position of camera.
Blender is really great thing.

Huh, cool. I’ll remember to reference this if I ever need to do something like it.

thanks friend.
this will be a best reward to my work

Hmm… interesting… thanks for posting your work!
I’m just starting to look into the Python interface to script some complex animation sequences for an upcoming project…:slight_smile:

To SiriusCG
thanks for the reward.

Python interface to script some complex animation sequences for an upcoming project

You have taken a very good dicision of using python for animation,you know what,
blender developer has a kept everything in blender python for animation,and IPO is the boss of everything.I am also planning to write one tutorial on scripting the rigged action.Means
how to made your engine for the charecters and object you are having in your scene.
lot to come…I will also like to take part in your project…
What do you think…

This tutorial was really very helpful! Very easy to understand and it explained things clearly as you went.

Many thanks Ronghester!

Me wants to say thanks too! :wink:

I thought reader may miss the real concept because of lack of the figures,
But you guys have really encourage me, I am also planning to write a tutorial on
Action scripting the charecter, hope it will make it more clear and better than this one.
---- Please feel free to point out the mistakes and any improvement that i can do

Hi, Cheers for this tutorial it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for… to make the python examples work, I’ve had to change the import style to this:

1st example:

import Blender
from Blender import Object

2nd example:

import Blender
from Blender import Object, Ipo

I’m only on the 2nd example, but it’s prob the same for all - most probably something changed when they brought out a new blender.