Tutorial on Brush Sculpting

I read the WIKI" page on it but hard to get any meaning full things out of it !

This would be the time to make a Video tutorial to show how to do things and get good results.

how to make the brush do it in 3D not just on a face - plane only ?


Note: May be GreyBeard could do a Video on this subject?

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I read that tutotrial I thought it was very informative. I was able to get it to work. What exactly is the problem u had with it. I or some else may be able to help.

i am no expert

You mean the B-Brush?

Well, there’s nothing about it.
Just use it :]

when you look at the WIKI page you see very nice sculptures

I tried with a cube that i subdivided in 6 or 8 times

and i was only able to change some of the edges and only on the same plane !

How can you sculpture in 3 D with that ?

and do you have to begin with something much more elaborate then a simple cube ?

What about all the colors in the different exemples on the WIKKI page ?

I still think that a Vid would be nice to explain things a bit

If you are asking wheather a cube can be sculpted directly as you would a plane the answer is yes.

are u guys referring to this ?


or another “tut” in wiki - cuz i wouldnt mind seein some more info too on this mega powerful tool.

originalsurfmex: yep.
it’s included in the new 2.41

How do you get such a sculpted chair

not by simply sculpting with the B-brush unless you are Michael Angelo!


Michael Angelo?
Tell me that was a joke.

The chair was modelled first.
B-Brush was used for adding distortion to the chair.

Could this be a competition to Zbrush or sharp3d in hisignt?

I’ve noticed that the BBrush seems broken if you’ve switched the right and left buttons on your mouse in the preferences panel. Normally one button gives you the bbrush pref panel while the other is the brush. Doesn’t work if you’ve swapped mouse buttons, but does work if you swap them back.

will using b-brush cause problems when you want to texture map? B/c I noticed that when using it…it really distorts the mesh/polygons. It jsut makes a relly bad mesh and difficult to do anything with it.