Tutorial on how to set up world textures and lighting in internal environments

Hi All,
I’m still new to Blender and am trying to set up a very basic game that involves just walking around soom rooms. I’m having trouble figuring out how to light the rooms to cast shadows etc and put wallpaper on the walls, carpet on the floor etc.
I know this is a really basic thing and probably uses the same principles as modelling objects but I’m having a problem pulling it all together. Are there any tutorials you know of specifically for creating an internal game envronment for Blender?
Thanks for any help.

First of all, BGE doesn’t support Realtime Shadows. You can light a room by just pressing V if it doesn’t already have any vertex colors on it. To get realtime shading, go to UV select mode and select all of the faces you want to light and press W and Light. You can also use the UV Face Select Mode (F) to texture items. You might want to look that up on the forums.

Well thats all the info that I can give you right now. You might want to look at www.tutorialsforblender3d.com and www.blendenzo.com.

Tataa and good luck.

Thanks very much!! I will have a look.


here’s one:
it’s mainly for “outside”, but you can use the same techniques for “inside”, just
don’t forget to “flip normals”! :slight_smile:
Plant have made a nice one too: