Tutorial on how to use action editor to create animation blocks?

I’ve been working on a character, and I finally got a walk cycle I like. I know its possible, using the action editor, to consolidate a cyclic animation into something like a tileable block. However, despite googling my balls off, I can’t find out exactly how its done. Does anyone know of a tutorial anywhere?

Also, am I wise to keep parts of my walk cycle in seperate “blocks?” Eg, I’ve just done everything below the waist now, and I was thinking I’d do the upper body as a seperate entity in case I wanted the character to walk but still do something with his hands.

Agh…sorry…no clue. But its just as easy to copy the keyframes. Thats what I do with walk cycles :smiley: Hope this helps!


I tried this tutorial:

And it left me infintely more confused than I originally was. Has the way all this stuff works changed since this tutorial was written. When I get to the part where I set up NLAs, nothing works the way the tutorial would suggest.

What I am trying to achieve is to compile a series of Action objects that correspond to reusable motions for my character, eg:

  • Transition from standing to walking
  • Walk cycle
  • Transition from walk cycle to standing
  • Transition from standing to running
  • Transition from walking to running
  • Run cycle
  • Transition from running to walking
  • Transition from walking to standing

Yeah, that tutorial is from 2003. Lot of water under the bridge since then. Try the Blender Summer of Documentation Introduction to Character Animation.