Tutorial on particles in the GE (latest version)

Recent changes have made this tutorialcompletely inapplicable to the current version of blender. Can someone please supply another one? I’m making a full scale first person shooter (don’t laugh it’s coming along nicely) and I need to figure out how to make simple alpha-keyed faces, for blood, explosions, muzzle flashes, their uses are endless.

Please find me a tutorial!

I’m using the technique described in this tutorial and it’s working well.

See the last .blend posted by PhilB : http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=143470&page=2

I don’t see how of won’t work with the current version of blender.

I think because the first tutorial uses billboards which only work if the camera is in Iso mode instead of Perspective.
And for an FPS you probably don’t want Isometric view.

I had to replace the particle images to get them to work again in the new version. It wasn’t loading them some some reason.

Because all the buttons are different, and there IS no more uv face mapping, there is no texture mapping options under edit mode, and almost EVERYTHING has moved.!!!

Shouldn’t much matter… its the same program, just with more capabilities, and the same methods are used. Its similar to using a max or maya tutorial, except this is even easier. If you are familiar with blender the way it is, it shouldn’t make a difference.

Oh, but the “halo” they are talking about is not in the materials window, it is actually hidden somewhere in the edit buttons… I think it was a tab called “texture face” or something, and it was not there when i was in object mode… so try going into edit mode… and i think you need an image as well… i did that part as the last step…