Tutorial on TaperOb


http://pages.infinit.net/bobois/TUT_TAPER_OB_003.zip (25 KB)

It is a .blend file, so easy and fast to make.

I consider this a WIP as the feature is not set yet in an official version.
Also it is my first .blend file tutorial and I’d like to get the most feedback possible (be tough, it’s needed) on its usability. If I can perfect the method I may be able to start publishing new tuts again as they’re such time savers for me compared to html.



…hehe, good Minitut. And a decent sense of humour, Mr. IamInnocent, sir :D.

awesome methodology! It only makes sense to use .blende files and I have been a hardy advocate of it and commend your work in this direction. Very easy to follow. If there are references or cross references in the documentation for indepth explainations of various details it would be a reall time saver. One could simply have the docmentation open in a documentation “scene” as text, to switch to for clarifications. The same document would be used for all the tuturials and only manual updates would occassionally need to be downloaded.
Good to see you refining your efforts once again. Most encourageing!

very informative tutorial.

thank you very much.

Good presentation for a tutorial.
And a great new feature…

BTW: Today i discovered that you can use tilt on the curve to extrude along. Good for “screwy” stuff. You never stop learning…


So what version do we need in order to use this?

The latest test build

this one works http://www.zoo-logique.org/3D.Blender/compilations/blender-2.34-cvs-windows.zip

There’s a thread here in N&C about it.