Tutorial:Path node AI for non-programmers.

(p00f) #21

Hi shellfish!

Sure, that is easy :slight_smile:

just look at the Edit:Track to actuators… change the time settings from 4 to 1 or 0… the time controls how long it takes to turn to the player…

you can also use linV rather than the Force, to make so that the movement is at an exact speed. (rather than starting slow and speeding up)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

(Shellfish) #22

THanks! It works better now.

(p00f) #23

Hey thanks Shellfish,

Glad I could help

I may do another version of this tutorial soon, I have a few new tricks that will make it less demanding on the CPU, and easier to add more way points .

there are many other ways to simulate life too …

when I learn more about python, I would love to make a lemmings / pingus type of game…

BTW pingus is free, get it here :

right now I am working on a Scrolling 3d shooter like the old game “Lethal enforcers”…
perhaps after that I will do some more AI stuff.

(Mr. Crunchy) #24

aww, no current win32 version.:frowning:

But I wanted to play with the cute penguins.

(Fenryal) #25

Hi p00f,

I just want to tell you did a great job, AI can be a quite confusing thing to create especially for beginners.

  • Fenryl

(p00f) #26

hey cool,
Thanks Fenryal, :slight_smile:

I been thinking all morning about how to make my next tutorial :slight_smile:

(Shellfish) #27

Is there a simple script I could use with your tutorial? Like I have a few node points around the area but I have a lot of characters walking around to simulate busy streets.

(Maddy) #28

Hi , the link is broken any idea where i can find this tutorial.



(b0mberman) #29

Yah the link seems to be not working.

(braveheart) #30

Oh my! This is one of the things i’ve been trying to suss out. I was almost certain i’d need to learn python asap. Please please re-host/upload that tutorial!!

(laky_spy) #31

Yeah. We need this knowledge!!!

(Dakka Dakka) #32

Yes. A re-upload of the tutorial in question would be feasable.

(black reaper) #33

The AI is a real ai or just a logic brick walk path

Because it’s seem pretty hard to make it with logic … In my mind you should work with python or ask someone to help .
I haven’t seen a python AI in the game blender since social’s one but if someone want to make some I maybe could help even if I’m just learnig python I have some knowledge in C script it help in some case.

(JuzerNeem) #34

Could somebody please send me this tutorial or a working link ?

(Olm-Z) #35

Here is I think the .blend that Poof published (if I may mirror it -^ ^- ) … I cannot guarantee the hosting for long neither, so save it !

It’s a simple method, but it works for lots of usages …

[edit] I realy think that for this forum a common hosting for all the .blend, tutorials, python code, and even screenshots could be realy handy, so this sort of thing would not happen… IMHO … every new user could then easely find those necessary exemples that permit to learn the game engine …

(Mmph!) #36


I will be doing a tutorial on this today :slight_smile:

(p00f) #37

Hey thank you Olm-z!!
Sorry that the tutorial was destroyed when my web site got drain-enzo-ed.
I will be working on a new tutorial today with even more features than before.

I am working together with Mmph! to get a new, truly free blender game engine tutorial site complete.
The bot AI will be one of the first tutorials we will publish together.

The biggest thing that has been stopping me is file hosting, Savefile.com is cool and all but after 60 days of inactivity my things will get deleted.

I love Olm-z idea of some sort of file hosting for people who make tutorials…
Perhaps we can make something like the old star rating system for tutorial threads… after 2 or 3 votes the community site will mirror the tutorials and .blend files.

Later after blender advances with new features, or it simply looses old features, then the tutorials are removed (Or we give the author a warning, so they can update the tutorial before delete).

Hmmm, i might try PM-ing papa smurf , and see if we can get the Wiki to mirror this too.

yo! Mmph! no Hijacking my post! :stuck_out_tongue: just joking.

(Blck_Mrkt) #38

where’s gone the tutorial? may someone make back the tutorial or giving the link back

(Mmph!) #39

this tutorial is gone forever, it died with p00fs website.
We redid the tutorial, you can find it here :slight_smile:

(Chris N) #40

I’m using Firefox and it says the URL can’t be found, do you know how to fix this because I really want to see it.