tutorial problem

hi there

well iäm modeling a hand first time in blender and using a tutorial found on addres: http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com/handtute/

I have done everything until the naming and parenting pare came. I named all the things but then when i started parenting all fingers humb to the hand i saw that i couldn’t do that :frowning: :-? and here i am talking my problems to you now.

I would like some help so that i could parent them and continue my tutorial :wink: %|


you’re saying you have a problem but it’s hard to help when so little information is provided. so, what exactly is not working? at which step you think unexpected results occur?

assuming that you have little experience here some hints:

make sure you’re in the right “mode” when parenting. that is, leave edit mode for bones or the mesh (TAB; if your bones are pink then you’re in edit mode). select the arm object, then shift-select the armature (which should contain ALL bones - fingers, thumb etc.) and then press ctrl+p. choose “armature” and then “don’t create groups” (as you have already created them). parenting is done now.

to test press first “A” (this either selects all objects, or if one or more are slected it deselects them), then select the armature. press ctrl+tab to enter pose-mode. select any bone and rotate it. if you did everything right, the mesh should deform accordingly.

hope that helps

My reply is with the assumption that you’re having trouble with the “Now let’s do some parenting” step.

I’m sure you have no trouble selecting bones since you were able to rename them, so: select one of the upper (A) finger bones, go into the Edit Buttons, and from the drop-down menu in the Armature Bones tab, select the hand bone (Hand.R). You should then see a dotted line go from the base of the finger bone to the end of the hand bone.

If this or making your armature deform your mesh (what solmax described) is not your problem then you’ll need to be more clear.

well ok yes my problem is from step “Now let’s get some parenting”
I did all it said (selected Finger3A.R but in the dropdown menu there is only IK_Finger3 and no Hand.R (like said in the tutorial) )

http://www.zone.ee/robz/3d%20world/armbones5.blend (this is my project)

Okay, I see your problem. All of your bone chains are separate armatures. Select all of your armatures and join them with Ctrl-J. Then when you do the parenting, you should see what you need in the drop-down menu.

woohoo :smiley: thanks a lot bro :smiley: i gut the thing parented but now i got to the next step and a new problem revealed itself :< :expressionless:

Constrains. Well at first i couldn’t write the “Armature” on the OB: field but i made a new armature, deleted it(in edit mode so somekind of a dot stayed) and then i could somehow(i have no idea why) but then when i made the connections as said in the tutorial the fingers wouldn’t go back to theyr original place like promissed in the tutorial but they stayd in a place i didn’t want them to be (near the new dot i have mentioned before):frowning:

the questions again:

  1. what am i doing wrong?

i post my files also
(the one without connecting them)
(the one with connecting them)

Okay, here’s your problem now: your armature’s name is “Armature.002”. Look in the lower-left corner of the 3d window to see this. So instead of typing in “Armature” in the OB: field, type in Armature.002. Or rename the armature (in the Object Buttons) to Armature; this might be easier. Now everything should work fine.

I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the tutorial ;). But don’t be afraid to ask any questions whatsoever; I know rigging is a difficult task.

ok got most of the stuff done but only the parenting is left. Well it didn’t say witch one to use so i took the firs(out of 3) but it didn’t work. :frowning:
Of course i saved before it bot after loading it only makes the same type of parenting :x how to get the 3 back there and maybe you guys know witch one to use :expressionless:

neverming i got all of it working thanks all for the help and spending precious time and someone eaven diskspace :smiley: