Tutorial: Reproducing Real World Light

Reproducing Real World Light

Very informative, thankyou.

WOW! What a great link. Thanks for sharing ec2!


that really does ask for realistic light behaviour to be considered by 3d apps doesn’t it.

i mean i did learn the lines of colour thing in physics but i never really thought about that in 3d


No problem. I like to share good info when I find it online. I’m pretty much conected to the Web like humans to the Martix. I’ve read quite a bit.

No problem. I know you’ll put it to good use.

I’m a sucker for realism so I really liked this when I found it. It gives me something to strive for. I came across it in my search for Cinema 4D tutorials.

I have read many 3d books that are made for apps like Lightwave, Maya, etc. There is also a wealth of 3d knowledge on the web with instructions for setting up many 3d functions. These can be found in websites that feature tutorials for other 3d apps. Sometimes the more mature a 3d app is the more detailed the tutorial will be. For instance, many tips for lighting in Maya are bound to be more advanced than tips for lighting in Max. The same goes for animation, modeling, texturing, etc.

Exactly, and now with the advancements made in Blender, a lot more of that information can be taken into account. I’ve only been around since 2.23, but so much has changed for the better and the community has capitalized on Blender’s power (see plugins, scripts and Yafray).

I am so glad I decided to make an effort at learning Blender because it introduced me the world of 3D modeling, rendering and animation. I have Cinema 4D CE now and am trying to learn it. I already see how I can take some of the methods used in tutorials for C4D and apply them in Blender. Hoepfully that will help me write a few tutorials as well.

I think theory is so important, at least for me.