Tutorial Request: Modelling a Shirt

Please someone help me I’m doing character designing right now I want to know how to model a shirt. If you ask why I didn’t ask for Pants well I already know how but I don’t know how to model a shirt! Gotta have your tops to go with your bottoms lol

Basically the same way you would model pants. At least how I would anyway. Select the portiuon of your character mesh that you want the shirt around, duplicate it and then scale it up a bit.


Um BgDM, I thought Blender had a soft body thing doesn’t it?

Can’t we use that to model the shirt like how Maya and 3ds Max does it?

You create panels which make up the pieces of material which you stitch together later. Once you’ve stitch the panels together, you get a shirt and then run the cloth simulation and the shirt just falls into place.

This will give very good result.

Are we waiting for the soft body self collision detection thing to happen then this will work?

Otherwise that’s how I would do it. . .if they made it possible in Blender.