Tutorial Request

I think I might try to make a new tutorial soon. What does everything want? Nothing in the GameEngine please, or dealing with weight painting and Armatures, there are PLENTY of those around. :wink:

how about one on using the blender render daemon…
i cant seem to get it working in windows xp

Which one? I believe it was for linux…
Besides, I don’t have a network to test it on anymore :frowning:

there is a windows version and i have it i just cant seem to get it working

how about a tut that explains all the settings of a Particles system. There aren’t enough of those.


A lighting tut would be nice, something beyond the basic 3 point setup. Maybe explaining all the buttons with examples of when to use them and such. :smiley:

i agree with theeth and dreamsgate, but i need a lighting tute NOW!!!

agree - particle tut would be awesome!

I need some data on UV mapping…

How about one for the sequence editor.

A tutorial on tutorials… ‘How to Write a Good Tutorial’ :slight_smile:

Just kidding


I think a goo tut on the constraints and or compositing…

MORE particles !!! :Z

/ :Z - man :stuck_out_tongue:

/me puts the cape on :wink:

Hello maestro Stefano !

Really kidding ?

I’d like to learn what is expected of a good tutorial even if I’m convinced that the real good ones go beyond requests to find answers to need that maybe weren’t even felt.

I’ll ask the question.

No, I wasn’t really kidding… that’s why there is a raw ‘TUtorial’ section in the Blender Documentation Style Guide at www.blender.org

Still have to work on that anyway…


How about this one?

It’s the WeirdHat Compositing Tutorial. Not animation or anything, but the same basic principals apply.

another good one would be how to make 3d nebulas with particles im strugling with it now but i need to find more tutorials or manuals for blender for more advanced features - i have the blender book, 2.0 gude and the tutor book 1 from when NAN was still in bussiness. i would LOVE to be able to get hte rest of the books online from the e-shop on blender.org, but i dont know if that will happen. if anybody wants to post some of the tuts or anything from the other books id be most apreciative.