Tutorial Request

(valarking) #1

I think I might try to make a new tutorial soon. What does everything want? Nothing in the GameEngine please, or dealing with weight painting and Armatures, there are PLENTY of those around. :wink:

(Adrian) #2

how about one on using the blender render daemon…
i cant seem to get it working in windows xp

(valarking) #3

Which one? I believe it was for linux…
Besides, I don’t have a network to test it on anymore :frowning:

(Adrian) #4

there is a windows version and i have it i just cant seem to get it working

(theeth) #5

how about a tut that explains all the settings of a Particles system. There aren’t enough of those.


(dreamsgate) #6

A lighting tut would be nice, something beyond the basic 3 point setup. Maybe explaining all the buttons with examples of when to use them and such. :smiley:

(Dittohead) #7

i agree with theeth and dreamsgate, but i need a lighting tute NOW!!!

(digitalSlav) #8

agree - particle tut would be awesome!

(benstabler) #9

I need some data on UV mapping…

(MaceG) #10

How about one for the sequence editor.

(S68) #11

A tutorial on tutorials… ‘How to Write a Good Tutorial’ :slight_smile:

Just kidding


(Nayman) #12

I think a goo tut on the constraints and or compositing…

(sten) #13

MORE particles !!! :Z

/ :Z - man :stuck_out_tongue:

/me puts the cape on :wink:

(IamInnocent) #14

Hello maestro Stefano !

Really kidding ?

I’d like to learn what is expected of a good tutorial even if I’m convinced that the real good ones go beyond requests to find answers to need that maybe weren’t even felt.

I’ll ask the question.

(S68) #15

No, I wasn’t really kidding… that’s why there is a raw ‘TUtorial’ section in the Blender Documentation Style Guide at www.blender.org

Still have to work on that anyway…


(CubeFan973) #16

How about this one?

It’s the WeirdHat Compositing Tutorial. Not animation or anything, but the same basic principals apply.

(Adrian) #17

another good one would be how to make 3d nebulas with particles im strugling with it now but i need to find more tutorials or manuals for blender for more advanced features - i have the blender book, 2.0 gude and the tutor book 1 from when NAN was still in bussiness. i would LOVE to be able to get hte rest of the books online from the e-shop on blender.org, but i dont know if that will happen. if anybody wants to post some of the tuts or anything from the other books id be most apreciative.