Tutorial request...

Do any of you know any good BGE python scripting tutorials? If not, could somebody make one?

Goran has some on youtube.Gameup websight has some as well.Tutorials for blender 3d is a great websight.

His website is called nilunder, there are some great tutorials there (probably 30+ python tutorials really well made). If you google or YouTube want you want, you will most likely find it. Agoose77 has a good ‘understanding’ way of teaching python on YouTube. Monster has a thread (and I think a PDF). SolarLune also has tutorials - a lot of people do. Good luck.

I concur, that Goran dude is great. Nilunder.com.

The only problem with Nilunder is the guy codes SO FAST…

If you are just starting out and don’t want to read any books about Python, I would suggest to start with Agoose77’s tutorials because he covers the basics very well. I think it is important to at least know the basics before you can start to understand Goran. The first time I watched Goran’s tutorials, I realized I had some reading to do before I revisited his tutorials. If you wish to start a project while learning, after watching Agoose77’s tutorials, I recommend SolarLune and Goran.

You’re right dragonspammer, I am glad there is a pause and rewind button.

Crap. Agoose goes from the very beginning. I’ve allready made a game where you are a block that runs around shooting things.
I’ll try SolarLune…

for the first script i counsill SolarLune (no optimization,no module , all more easy possible ) :slight_smile: