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I just watched Jurassic Park 3D with my daughter… and I am wondering… can this “real 3D” effect be done with Blender renders and animation? If so, I kept the glasses… how do I do it?

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So is this effect even possible with Blender?

You would need a stereo3D camera setup, a 3D supported format to render to, a player that supports 3D playback, a 3D monitor, and special 3D glasses for that monitor (the passive ones from the theater will most likely not work). I’ve never used Blender for 3D work and I’m not entirely sure that the built-in tools exist for it. You would also likely need an external finishing software like After Effects for the output.

It is possible, absolutely, but it requires som tinkering since Blender is not really built for it.

In a nutshell;
Make sure your scene is complete
Add a second camera
Make complete duplicate of the scene
Make the left camera active in scene 1 and the right active in scene 2
Create a third scene where you use the compositor to combine the two scenes into one image in side-by-side format.
Just hit render and the movie is complete. Ready to be watched on any 3D-TV or monitor that supports side-by-side (which is basically all of them)

you can do the red and blue 3d easy :smiley:

AFAIK Real3D in movie theaters works thru the use of 2 projectors. One for the left eye and one for the right eye, each projector has a polarized lens on it. Likewise, the glasses are polarized as well, and block images being seen for say the left eye from the projector that displays images for the right eye, and vice versa, while allowing the left eye to see images from that projector.

Yes, you could probably reproduce this at home, but you’d first need the 2 projectors with polarized lens/filters on them. Probably high-end stuff (pricey). A cheaper route might be to play with the red/blue lens glasses as this system doesn’t require 2 projectors.

I might be off on this, as I looked into it years ago after seeing ‘Despicable Me’ in Real3D and kept my glasses as well. After studying up on the technique, I threw the glasses away.


No, you can not use the cinema glasses at home.

However, 3D at home is not as difficult as revolt_randy says, no duplicate projectors needed. Just get a normal 3D-projector/TV/monitor. You can get a 3D-tv with glasses really cheap these days. (Larger screens enhances the 3D effect. I have a 24" 3D monitor and Blu-Ray 3D looks very, very flat. I’d recommend minimum 42")

And no, DON’T use red-cyan glasses :stuck_out_tongue: They are fine during the production stage of a movie just to easily check if the depth is correct, but never actually watch/create a final movie in that format.