Tutorial requests

If anybody needs a tutorial for the Blender Game Engine, I am happy to help. I will make one and get back to the community with it. :slight_smile:

Add requests here (These can be modeling, texturing, logic, level design, and nearly everything except Advanced Python, as I am still in the process of learning Python)

Can u show us how to drag and drop? Using mouse.

Can you make one showing how to model lowpoly characters with topology for clean deformations when animating ?

Sure, I’ll need you to be a little more specific though, what exactly you mean by a drag and drop?

and yes sir, I will make a simple character tutorial, although there are MANY out there, just look around!

Oh, I have found one, never mind.

Drag and drop model or move around item e.t.c. Use mouse to click and hold on it.
Useful for level editor inside games or add army’s model before game start in RST.

There many reason! That why I ask for it.

Low polygon mesh, really easy to do it if you plan it and keep it quad. That all.

Shoulders are tricky.

Okay, I want you to know, that a drag and drop is almost entirely Python, because the game has to access the mouse, and copy its location. Python is basically out of my range, however, I can probably find you a script that works.

i can do python, so maybe i’ll watch this threadand take care of the python, but i use 2.49b

That would be sweet kendrick! Thanks, I use 2.49b too :stuck_out_tongue: Although I have learned 2.5 features as well, because I need to get used to them some day.

I could do Python tutorials - I already have a set of tutorials using Python on my blog.

aha that why. okay Ill watch this for it in a case. because i already has knowles in animation and modelling.

josip, Shoulders are tricky.

just add more loop edge every time you test it movement. and groin too. make sure its look like a wave not sharp edge.

If you could do python tutorials… Help out mister [B]s0l1dcra5h[/B], as what he is asking for is a python tut.

Guys… - Ask, if you need a tutorial :smiley: !

How about hard surface modeling with normal map baking?

Hmm, normal maps, and hard surface modeling (texturing).
The main thing to realize is that everything has wear and tear, barely anything is 100% a flat, level color.
UV maps are the way to go, and you will need to consider where scratches will happen (protruding corners etc.) there is a good tut for photo-shop here, but it can be adapted to any other photo editing software.

Normal maps can be made in 2.4x from a high to lo poly conversion using the built in bake feature. It is almost a one click operation. (8 I think, one select the high poly model, one to select the lo-poly one, one to add an image, two to change too the right tab, one to click the “bake to select” button, and one to click the “normal” button and finally one to click bake)
Follow that?
It might need a tut.

how about a tutorial on how to use states with logic bricks?

Okay :slight_smile: Here is my idea. I am going to make a tutorial on how to make a table (hard surface modeling), sculpt a high poly, bake AO, normal, color, and spec maps, then combine normals from the wood texture with the normals from the high poly sculpt, and also combine the two spec maps (i may only do one initial spec map). I will show how to, in Gimp, add wear and tear, add variety of texture, color, etc.

I will later make a tutorial for states, don’t worry bombs :slight_smile:

Hey s0l1dcra5h, I made a simple drag/drop thing in like 5 minutes, so it outputs errors, but it works perfect. If you want me to make a tutorial I can, but it may take a few days.

The example files works like this:
q = Spawns Cube
w = Spawns Pyramid
e = Spawns Icosphere

You can only drag and drop the items that come out of the spawn location.

This will work with any object that as the property drag. Also the property drag must equal 1 if you want it to be able to be dragged or dropped.

Simple enough.

NOTE: Make sure when using the script, you have a camera. This is so it has reference to where the mouse is, if you are just looking at a screen, the computer can’t tell where you are in the 3D world.

Also, you need to have something under all the objects. A space object. This object just needs to be there so you can drag objects in empty space. Blender needs a reference to where the mouse ray is hitting. Without it doesn’t work fully.

Here is the .blend:
click_drag_ex.blend (576 KB)

There are two tutorials I would like to see, and they are sort of related: one is a pick up and use tutorial, and the other is a morph target or customize tutorial. That is, the player can select an object they find and pick it up, then equip it so they are actually holding or wearing the object. For the second, I have always wondered how games let players choose different heads and outfits for their character or alter the mesh to make (for example) a character with a big nose or small eyes.