Tutorial Resource: www.blendercubed.com

I created a new website to put up all of my tutorials. So far I only have my book tutorial; but I am also doing in depth reviews of commercial products. So if you are interested; go check it out.


No offense, but your old book has some major flaws. Old books don’t have those ridges going down the sides - books would not be able to sit on shelves next to each other if they did. The bumps on the ends are where the binding has been sewn together. Your book also does not have a fold where the front and back covers separate from the spine, allowing the book to open. So as much as I like tutorials and books, I couldn’t recommend this one, because of it’s fundamental errors.

Here are some screens of my old book work in progress. It’s a very close replica of actual old leather books. These are of course just screens with bad lighting, but you can see how the geometry is laid out.

Your absolutely right; learned an important rule from this all. Don’t model an actual object without looking at more reference images; however with that said, the tutorial still has quite a lot of useful information that I hope others can learn from.

Sure, agreed. I watched most of the videos, and there is good information there. I recommend making some videos demonstrating those techniques, like the clone painting. Very interesting.