Tutorial Suggestions

Hi there! Im pretty new to blender… only know what a few of the many buttons and things do! :smiley:
Sorry if this has been posted but I looked back a few pages and couldnt find anything related…
If anyone could suggest some good tutorials to start with (I saw the UI manual below, ill have to take a look…) but I have had very little success with modeling without having rough edges and parts of other shapes all over the place. :x
Anyway, i’d really like to learn more about blender and hope to be posting some of my learning to get some pointers, Thankee!

I went back a few more pages and found a link to the “basic training” file… ill go throught this… still would like some other suggestions though! :slight_smile:

There are lots of useful links in my sig


Have you followed the “Gus the gingerbread man” tutorial in the docs yet?

That shows a lot of useful techniques and shortcuts between modes.

I did Gingerbread Gus this evening and I concur that it is easy and educational. My result: http://jjfoerch.com/images/gingerbread_glen.avi

Another good tutorial is “Using Subsurfaces for Head Modeling” on blender3d.com. It’s not written for absolute beginners, but I was able to google for all the terms I didn’t know. My avatar is a shot of the model I made following that tutorial.

No I havent done the gingerbread tutorial yet, if you could post a link thatd be great… I also got my web hosting to work so i can post my progress


Thats about the limits of my skill… :expressionless:

Your webpage doesn’t work.

I am sort of a n00b too.

There was a zip file someone was talking about in one of the threads, which was a simple html file of all the blender tutorials on the internet.

There was something like 500+ of them.

Very useful.

Can anyone remember the site to download them?

Found a useful tutorial site:


Check it out. :smiley:

BTW RetroJ

I am doing that same Face tutorial, very useful, and very time consuming.

I’ve been working on it for about 4 days now, and I’ve almost finished the face.

Then I’ve gotta add depth. Then the head. :frowning:

How long did it take you?

It is on www.blender.org->Documentation->Volume I


Okay thanks! Will get to working on them in the morning. :slight_smile:


It was down because I organzied my pics and moved its directory

:< Evil, but free


:o I didnt do it! I swear!

I did finish the tutorial though… gus came out lookin good :wink:

Oh dear.

. . . how terrible.

Yes, poor gus, for looking terrible.


have fun

There’s a link somewhere to a downloadable HTML page with ‘all the blender tutorials’… I just can’t find where exactly… anyone ? I’m takling about the ‘bookmarks’ thing…


I didn’t keep track of exactly how long I worked on it, but it was my main project for two or three days. This is one tutorial that is rewarding because you end up with something that you can use in other projects. I started with a 3d head, and selectively hid portions of it when I needed to do details. The ears, not covered in the tutorial, are separate meshes, and I made them to have an acceptable amount of cartoony-detail. Here are three closer views of the model: http://jjfoerch.com/images/head7_3angles.jpg

edit: my website may not load right now, but the link is right.

The bookmarks .zip file is in the first post of this forum-


Click on the link in the first post by IamInnocent to get to the page with the .zip available for download.