Tutorial trouble

I have been using blender for a few years, but only to create models and some textures for game assets. Thought it was about time to try out some animation and rigging

I have tried to follow Laustinarts Basic mechanical Rigging tutorial via Youtube
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pWN3oGnNa4 And found it perfectly clear and understandable for an animation first timer but I’m not getting the same results

I’m all good till about 5.45. When I try to constrain the left arm it rotates with, instead of opposing the right. It does oppose if I invert x, but either way everything to do with the left arm is borked from this stage onwards. I have compared it to the Final file but cant find any notable difference.

PBs_Basic_Mechanical_Rigging_Start.blend (671 KB)

First off you’ll need your left arm parented to bone.002, that will move your bone to some random location. Select your right small arm and hit “Shift + S” and click “cursor to selected” and then take your left small arm and do “Shift + S” again but this time click on “selection to cursor”. then rotate it on the x axis -90 degrees. The main problem was that your bone “roll” was off. Select your armature and go to edit mode. With your “Small_arms_Main” bone selected under transform in the properties (n) set your “roll” value to “180”. Go to pose mode add your limit rotation of max:40 on the x axis in local space and you should be good to go!

Ok, went through it again and checked bone roll before parenting any of the mesh. It works now thank you.

Now on to learning a bit about bone roll and maybe why when I created mine they were not orientated like yours. Then maybe I wont fall for it again.