Tutorial: Using Armatures

I have created a tutorial about using armatures… I hope it’s helpful!:smiley:

Link: Click Here!

The tutorial was made for blender version 2.43 but it should be fine for 2.44


:cool: Lostinspace:cool:

Mind making it in pdf format? I refuse to use IE after I bugged up some old computers with it.

M3ta: You can read .mht files in Firefox, you just need the Mozilla Archive Format extension. Unfortunately, there is no Linux support for this extension, so if you’re using Linux you’ll need to run Windows Firefox on Wine and install the extension there. That’s how I was able to read it (and it only took me well over an hour to track down and install everything necessary…). You should note, however, that the extension is only compatible with Firefox 1.5, so you cannot install it in the latest version of Firefox.

MHTML is not the ideal format to use when releasing a tutorial to a community of the particular dynamic represented here.

Below are some useful statistics anyone can use when considering format for releasing a document to the BGE community.

Browser and OS versions of 1,811 unique visits to blendenzo.com between April 15 and May 15, 2007:

  • Firefox/Windows - 47%
  • Internet Explorer/Windows - 30%
  • Firefox/Linux - 9%
  • Opera/Windows - 6%
  • Safari/Macintosh - 3%
  • Firefox/Macintosh - 2%All of that aside, I like your tutorial. I think it is a very good introduction to the subject of armatures for those who have not successfully used them in the Game Engine before. Please consider releasing it as a standard HTML document.


Double post and as I said in the Tutorials forum - Please fix the link so everyone can view it.