I need blender tutorial ( :expressionless: I’m not very good :expressionless: )

look at the top of the forum, there’s a very good list of Blender tutorials there

  1. pofo

Thanks but I want a car tutorial.

if you aren’t very good, i wouldn’t try and model a car, even if you we’re following a tut. Try some of the easier ones till you get better.

k… :frowning:

The Shockwave is a nice tute…(for a newbie) :Z

i would also highly recommend the “castle” series - modelling a castle and texturing a castle, and somewhere on the knowledgebase i saw a great modelling tutorial for modelling a woman from a comic series using orthagonal views with background pictures <dont worry, its waaaaaay simpler than it sounds>

and dont be ashamed, im only learning how to texture stuff now, there is an unbeleiveable amount of support on this place, rock on guys!!

Idiot <—see!!


[>] the castle is so easy…

this one teaches you the basic modelling techniques well:

hope this helps

p.s. yeah the castle is a little easy eh, but the door part is very usefull

in fact all of these hereare good