? tutorial


Warning! For portrayal ? you must change charset to windows-1250

I made a tutorial: How to make ? with simple glass effect;
? is a letter of slovak alphabet…

Ok… Let’s go!

First step:
Open Blender (heh :slight_smile: ) and delete plane – press [X] or [Delete]

Second step:
Press [0]
Add new text – [space] – ADD -> Text
Type letter “T” and press [Tab]
Add new text but now type “^” and press [tab]

Third step:
Press [R] to rotate “^” (180.00°)
Ok… Now move “^” over “T”
Wow! You have ?!

Glass effect:
When you have selected text, go to edit buttons ([F9])
Set this values:
Ext1: 0.100
Ext2: 0.020
Go to Material buttons and create new material
Set this values:
B: 1.000
Alpha: 0.540
Emit: 0.259
Z-Transp: On

Ok… Add background and render it

If somebody has the blender 2.0 guide handy, remind us how to type forigen characters.

------------------ edit, after getting home ------------------
page 60: special characters
alt+c for copyright
and alt+some other characters for different things

(that is what it says, wether or not it works is something different)

of interest may be that special characters can be entered in this fashion:
akey, alt+backspace, tilde

now, the v shaped accent is unfamiliar for me, and I don’t know that this method would work.

yey. now i can make slovak letters in blender. woohoo.

Can you make other letters than Ť?