Tutorials Back On Line - YEAH!!

Well, I finally got some tiome to upload my tutes again, since iptic went down. So here they are again in all there glory:

Dirty/Rusty Textures Tutorial


Spherical Envmap Tutorial (PDF only - Sorry :frowning: )


Hope thay help, and for those that remembered them, a big thanks.


Heads up. You need to correct your ‘Next>’ links at the bottom of the pages for the Dirty/Rusty Textures Tutorial. Right now when a user clicks on them, they will get the “Not Found” message.

These are good though, I’ve seen both before.

AHH crap!!

Thanks ec2. I will fix those tomorrow.


Awesome!!! Thanks for re-posting those man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Some good info there, but the “next” links still aren’t fixed. Luckily they’re all numbered, if anyone ones to check them out.

i have a weird feeling of deja vu here…isnt this thread in another forum as well? :expressionless:

Nice tutorials, learned something from them that I think I can use thanks again. BTW, about the linking issue between pages it appeared in the File Not Found window that the file name had a space in the name between the “Name” and “#.htm” Not sure if that’s the problem or not.

Hey BgDM, I just tried to go back to your tutorial and it’s not there. Is there any place else to check those out?

hmmm, reblended seems to go in and out at times. Just try the links again. I just did, and they worked for me.

I still have to fix the links to the texturing tute. Sorry about that. They can be accessed individually here:



Glad to have them. I believe that the sphere envmap is the best tutorial on the topic that is available (better than in the Blender 2.0 manual even).