Tutorials for Blender 2.79 How to make High Poly

Hello. I cant figer out why my pots have sharp lines all over the surfaces. I think it has to do with low poly. So I need one tutorials for Blender 2.79 as tell me how to make high Poly and get rid of those ugly lines

Thanks in advance.

If the “low poly” geometry is even and smoothed out, I see no reason why the “high poly” version should act up. Please post an example .blend file for us to examine.

Anyway, those areas rather look like some object being reflected, as the same pattern can be seen on the cup as well:

Thanks for your reply.
People as watch the image complaning about that. Not me. I dont do any thing about the problem.

So, you started a thread about an issue you don’t even care about and that you don’t intend to solve? Well, color me annoyed.

Sorry. I tought it was a problem and you telling me there is not any problem to be worried about.