Tutorials for Blender 3d site upgrade to 2.6 (hooray!)

This is the website which has given me the biggest help since learning blender, so I recommend going and having a look if you haven’t already.

In the past they had reference for blender 2.49b Python with detailed example code.
Now they have updated it to blender 2.6, so no need to do the translation yourself.

Which is all good news! :slight_smile:

I beg you to take a look at this website, at least 50% of the problems posted in the discussion forum could be solved by checking out the tutorials and python reference on this site. The fact that it has been upgraded to the newer version is kind of both a godsend and an anoyance, as it takes time to get used to the new layout, but I’d recommend people to take a look anyway. The new version lays out the python reference in an interesting way, you can click on an image of the logic brick you need and it will take you to a page with info about the python related to that logic brick. There are clear concise explanations and full examples for each. There are also pages for the general element of Blender Game Python such as Logic or Object scripts.

Yay! This is a great site that has helped me a lot in the past too. This is definitely good news.

this is a really cool site for game engine stuff, especially if you like text + picture style tutorials