Tutorials for metaballs and making things look transparent?


does anybody now good tutorials for modelling with metaballs?

I would also like to know a good way to make objects look transparent.


For Metaballs:



For transparency there are two ways of doing it in Blender:

A) ZTransparency, which works a bit faster but it doesn’t produce very photorealistic glass (take a look at: http://www.linuxgraphic.org/section3d/blender/pages/didacticiels/blender_material/tp1-index-ang.html it’s an old tutorial and oriented in Blender versions prior to 2.28, but it teaches the basics of the technique)

B) Raytransparency. Slower but more relistic…
This link has all you need to know for the moment about Blender’s raytracing capabillities including raytraced transparency…

I wish you good luck and happy Blending… :smiley: