Tutorials on BLENDER ( and other 3D Software )

Hi all
We are very pleased to be a member of this group …
We just created a website ( http://surfontech.com ) with a tutorials directory .
It covers all the computer world( OS , programming , virtualization , graphic , web browser , cms ,… ) with a special focus on OpenSource technology …
In the grahic section of our website , you will find categories for all the popular 3D software ( 3dsmax , cinema4D , Houdini , BodyPaint …) .

Of course , we have a category dedicated to BLENDER
You will be able to filter the ressources indexed ( Lighting , Modeling , Game Engine … )

You will also find a software , Script cgi , free email and hosting directory .
All the ressources are classificated by Characteristics .
Then , you can find a specific ressource by choosing one or more Characteristics .

Ressources are added on a daily basis .
Surfontech is an international website translated in four languages .
You only have to click on the flags to get access to ressources in the language you have choosen .
Surfontech is evolving permanently …
Keep in touch with our website by following us on the social networks .

website adress: http://surfontech.com
Graphic Software section : http://surfontech.com/tutorial/Graphic_Software

I find it ironic that your Terms of Use include

IV Redistribute any content, including tutorial data, provided by us in any manner whatsoever including by means of printed publication, fax broadcast, web pages, e-mail, web newsgroups or forums, or any other electronic or paper-based service or method;

V: Intentionally alter the format in which tutorial data is provided by us or otherwise circumvent our regular interfaces to such data; and

Breach of these terms will result in the removal of your account, server bans and possible legal action.

Yet just a quick look at the blender tutorials section shows them to be just links to 3rd party tutorials. I don’t see any specifically made by yourselves

No offense, but your website made me feel like I’d just went back to the 90’s. Navigation wasn’t a very pleasant experience.