tutorials request

I am working on a rpg with blender 2.6 and i keep finding myself stuck on what to do. So if y’all can help me find things i need to make this game then I would be ever so grateful. I need to know how to save animations for future use, along with how to use the new python scripting for mouse movements, linking animations, sounds for the background during game, characters, terrain, and items, and last but not least, how to link the controls from the keyboard through the scripting to the in-game module. any help would be great, please and thank you.

Hm… well, that is a lot and I am not sure if this can help but here’s a list of tutorials that I know about.

Check for the user named “Goran”, he has a couple of tutorials. Haven’t watch them but they seemed good.

I am making a starter game engine tutorial series also, might want to take a look.

That’s pretty all I know. Hope it helped you.

thanks, that should be able to help