Tutorials: Solid Modelling old computer


That’s not video, because i think watching a video takes times.

Most of the time when i look for a particular answer, i don’t want to watch 30 minutes of video. That’s my point of view.

Tell what you think of the tutorial:


  • Difficulty?

  • Innovation?

Thanks for the great tutorial :slight_smile: I’ll have to try the tip about converting to webgl.

i don’t get this post where is the tut?

tutorial is step how to make something from 0 to done, these?

Videos are very good to discuss and teach a concept because you have to show all steps.

This prevents you as an author writing something and the user might not be able to fully
follow because you skipped a step you might thought would not be important.

You can also jump to specific markers in a video so you do not have to watch everything.

However a video cannot be searched inside while with a text based tutorial you can keyword
search specific topics.

They all have the ups and downs.’

BTW thank you for the WebGL link - I just started to work on a project and was thinking about
using it.