any one know of any blender engine tutorials?

seems kinda lame but i actualy wona give a crack at making a simole walkthrought game and dont have any engine experiance what so ever

any 1 help me out on the resource? not even asking for development help lol

This question should be asked in the “Game Engine” forum.

GE tutorial sticky: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11430

Logic Brick system overview: http://download.blender.org/documentation/NaN_docs/BlenderGameReference/logicbricks.html

Bullet physics engine compatible walkthrough template:


Look through the demo files, and tutorials. If you have any specific problems that you can’t find an answer for yourself, ask in the Game Engine forums.

We will be glad to help you if we can.

A very good beginner tutorial:

well i thougjt about posting it there but this isnt for tech support, but for referance…

anyways thanks for the 411 guys

Everything that is “Game Engine related” goes in the Game Engine forum AFAIK.

It makes sense, since people who work with the BGE usually view those forums more than any other (including the “Off-topic” section).

So if you want to have your BGE related question answered as soon as possible, ask in the Game Engine forum.