:eek:hi i am just a newbie here i just want to ask we’re to find the animation tutorials
i want to start using blender but i don’t have any idea how!!!
if anybody could guide me into animation tutorials!!! thanks
i don’t know if this is the right place to post this question, im hoping for your consideration.:o

i am also a new bie

It’s not tutorial’s, it’s tutorials.
You use the (’) in English for defining something of someone or something, like computer’s screen…
In 2.47, rigging is alot easier, you can use “Create from bone heat” when parenting to the armature, that is, select the object to animate, then the skeleton/armature and hit ctrl-P.
And here is a great tool for searching for blender tutorials.
Make sure you mention blender and use correct spelling.

found any luck here?


sorry about that tutorial’s!!!:yes:
i didn’t meant it, i was just too much excited about blender 3d modeling!!!:RocknRoll:
i got into a tutorials and was impress with it…but my question is the tutorials
wasn’t easy! theres lots of thing that they didn’t reveal!!! like for sample
it is stated there !(Unless you have a lot of experience working with anatomy, it’s always helpful to make use of a reference picture. It should contain two views of the subject – one frontview, and one sideview. It just so happens that I have prepared one for the occasion. Feel free to use it - Natalie Portman
What we do now, then, is, first of all to make sure we’re in orthographic mode <numpad 5>, and then set our viewport to either front- or side-view. It won’t matter which, since I have both reference-pictures combined into one, for convenient use, and I suggest you do the same. Now press the “view”-menu, and select “Background Image” from the rolldown. A floating panel appears somewhere in the 3d-window, press “Load” and locate your file. Select image. You should now see a picture on the grid. Leave the settings as they are and press the little “x” in the top-left of the “Background”-panel to close it down. I had to zoom out some to fit the entire head in the viewport. Now is as good a time as any to cut our head in half to facilitate our workflow. Go to front view, select all vertices on the lefthand side of your model(leave the ones in the middle), and then remove them with ‘X’. Now you have half a face, which means half the effort of moving around verts.) but when i try to look for that command i doubt which one is which there is only front i’ve seen?

thanks for the reply pro people!!!
B3BOO was right!!its tutorials, i was just too much exciting BEBOO
any consideration?