hi blender artists freinds its TUSCON and no im not a bot im a homo sapien i am lookin for a tutorils for complete noobs like me ive benn watching super 3 boys tutorials but i heard that the more advanced the tutorials are the more outdated they are but dont worry super 3 boy ive never seen any of ur postings before but im sure theyre great so please tell me the bst tutorilas for starters :o :o

The Blender Manual is here:

I’d recommend looking at the Noob to Pro, it isn’t an example of great literature but it is certainly informative to the clueless in many aspects of Blender.

For some slightly more advanced tutorials, have a look at the Summer of Documentation (BSoD) tutorials in the Tutorials area of the Blender wiki:

Also, people here appreciate an attempt at functional grammar, especially when the poster is from an English-speaking country… :wink:

thank you very much eagan i will look for them btw can u spread the news that im not a bot

There’s some good ones here

Well,maybe we still think you are a Bot,it is a well known fact that Bots (except for Kbot of course) don’t know how to use periods in their sentences. See. Here. Period. That little dot at the end of this sentence. Right here>. At the end>. :smiley:

ah, thank you mentalkandr! at least now i know what “period” means! :yes:
seriously! you know, people are often writing something like “blender rocks.period.” (for example). I always wondered what that really meant, because i knew “period” only from maths, you know, “period”: 1,333333333 (at least that’s what the german term “periode” means). something like that. so i thought: "hmmm. that must mean that this guy wants this sentence to have a very long, uhm, tail(?) to emphasize it. :eyebrowlift2:
but period as “.” makes a bit more sense…

/sebastian_k will stop now talking embarrassing BS and leave.

http://www.gryllus.net/Blender/3D.html work thru the learning units and watch the video tutorials (just click on the bars to open the variouse sections.)

Ahhh well, we’re all happy to know your not a bot, though I find it strange that you seem so negatively disposed to being a bot. Really, it’s just a personal choice and I’ve always thought versatility was second to cleanliness being next to godliness.

Errr… and ummm… you mean the other bot, ewwwwwkay. Soz, my bad!

As for tutorials. Yes they seem few and far between, but maybe you can do some mod tutes for other programs. I know there are some wicked modeling tutes for lightwave that shouldn’t be 2 difficult to translate into blender, at least conceptually. Otherwise the noob to pro is a nice intro into blender. Especially the parts on shortcuts and how to use the absolutely most amazing interface ever developed!

@ Uncle Entity,just checked your link…Swweeeettttt!!!

@sebastian_k,Don’t worry about getting embarrassed,you get used to it. At least I did,I get embarrassed when I read my post and then wonder why I said that…:o

@Tuscon,You really need to do the Gingerbread Man tutorial…

Here it is…
(Part one)…http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Your_First_Animation/1.A_static_Gingerbread_Man

(Part two)…http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Your_First_Animation/2.Animating_the_Gingerbread_Man

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=119414 when your done with the blenderwiki i think you should check this out, ive made all my (hand)guns following this basic concept.

I understand why people would make tutorials focusing on creating a specific model or effect. But what I find irritating is the lack of quality “real-life” tutes strung together in a comprehensive manner to take you from the absolute basics through to at least semi-advanced. From thereon out most people can discover their own style. These kind of sites / tutes exist, for instance Video Co-Pilot for After Effects and such. By the way the guy at that site uses one of the commercial 3d programs, where Blender is completely free… which is kinda odd, unless Blender can’t export certain file formats that AE needs… but I digress.