Tutoring - Screen Recording - $$

I’m looking to get into Blender and want to start learning by watching others model my designs. I found this method to be the most effective way for me to learn as I will be dealing with things that I designed.

I would like to pay someone to model my designs and record a screen with voice-over (talk through as they are modeling it) or I share screen for me to watch how it is done. (whichever works best for the modeler).
I want to re-watch the recording and then try to replicate what the modeler built.

Please let me know who has the experience or time to model some of my designs?
I’m attaching some reference images to show what kind of items I’m working with. (more organic sclupting I guess).

Let me know your price per model or per hourly etc.
Many thanks!

I am interested in your project. Here is my email along with portfolio.
[email protected]

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!

Thanks. replied via email.

Thanks Alex. I sent you an email.

I sent you a PM, let me know.

OP, where you able to find someone? how much?


3D Art Portfolio: https://goo.gl/WJ4Jea

Contact: [email protected]

I’m still talking things over with a few modelers. So we’ll see.
I will have multiple models to model, so this is not just a one time thing.
As I know it will take multiple recordings for me to grasp the program and get the hang of it.