Tuulikk's mostly sculpting sketchbook

It feels like I am (or at least have been) forever the beginner when it comes to Blender. But lately I have mostly only taken short breakes from it. Thanks to many years of advancements, a better GUI, interesting add-ons and a computer that can mostly handle Blender, I feel like the only thing that can hold me back is my self. So I’m embarking on a journey to become good at sculpting and related areas. That is what I’m aiming this sketchbook for. Critique and advise are welcome.

Sculpting a female body starting with the standard clay mesh and getting tired of it partly thanks to remeshing detail and GPU/RAM problems, doing a lot of remeshing.

Starting a male body sculpting, working in a similar way, but using Dyntopo and having less GPU/RAM problems. I think the mask brush might be the most important sculpting tool. I will probably do a bit more anatomy studying before leaving this one.

If you do a voxel sculpt, face sets could help you to hide parts of the mesh and keep the workflow fluid.

Adaptive voxel remeshing does not work well.
If you keep separate meshes for head, hands and feet, you can increase detail level on these without pushing a high resolution for the rest of the body.
If you try voxel sculpting with everything in one single mesh, you can run into memory issues.

Thank you for your reply. I don’t understand what you mean about voxel sculpt. I looked up face sets, I think that can be a good tool to use.

I mostly agree about adaptive voxel remeshing, it mostly does not adept to where details are and are not needed.

I see a lot of people separating their sculpts in many pieces and shifting around them. I think it feels annoying. I have not found a good way of shifting between parts in sculpt mode. Making the sculpt with a few parts is a good idea however, but I don’t know if it fits my work flow. But I might have to adapt in the future.

Do you know any good resources to learn from?

New sculpt, I hope the video works. I would rather upload a webp animation, but it gets converted to a jpg.

Also a video update for the previous sculpt.

The approach makes more sense when the subject is not naked and it’s easy to hide the seams. It works extremely well for stylized art.

Interesting. I guess when I’m better at this will have a better vision of what I want to have done and spend less time on things that will not be shown. I think I’m starting to see reasons to sculpt in different parts. Still, I think I have to learn more to really grasp it all.

This will probably be my last update for today. I really like how HandBrake compression makes me able to upload rendered animations.

I think I’m going for Raphael here. I’m thinking of making weapons and rigging him. Then I will see. More work to be done on the sculpt also. I need to come up with more things to sculpts that are not human, or at least humans that are more stylized.

I don’t think I will enjoy retopologizing my sculpts very much. Any suggestions on good add-ons, guides or threads here on BA?

The zremesher developer has made a cross platform version of that and one is available for Blender.

That is out of my reach, really expensive. Is it really that good compared to other add-ons?

I’m less sure of where to go from now. I can tweak details forever and make Raphael better, but he will never really look good unless he is finished. Also, I have more things to sculpt and learn. I think he will become all of the team in the future with colors, weapons and so on.

I’d say do something else then do another ninja turtle but following reference. This guy is not built turtle tuff.

“This guy is not built turtle tuff.” , what are you saying? I’m using reference images for Turtles and anatomy with PureRef on second screen.

I’ve never seen this version of the turtles then. He’s so much slimmer and human looking compared to all the versions I can think of that I’ve seen.

@thinsoldier how about now? I’m still not finished, but I can’t push it much further. To me TMNT looks like humans with shell, different hands, feet and head. I aim for some classic cartoon elements, but I’m not bound to anything. This is also my first sculpt at this level. Mostly I feel like I’m getting what I want from this sculpt, but not as easy or fast as I would like to.

Your hands and feet look like human birth defects, not really like “different” creature hands to me. My thought process on all animal based characters is that all animals are more physically capable than humans. Sea otters, kittens, koalas, even turtles, at only a few week old can do things a human gymnast or body builder should be envious of.

Look at the fingers on this computer nerd:

Now those are fingers than can dig a burrow in the arizona desert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHDprMdN01E

I agree about the hands and feet, thanks for making me think to have a look at them. But I don’t know if you like the direction. Also, not skinny no more I think. That was a powerful turtle in the video and thanks for the image.

Something new. My idea is to make her a female barbarian with a bloodlust. Maybe two weapons, sword or axe and a knife. But I’m not there yet, talking about visions does not a sculpt make.

Wouldn’t hurt to do an initial pass on 1 weapon if you get temporarily bored with anatomy.

Got a tiny bit bored. Then tried to learn to do some retopology. Not a fan, not going well, but for the Turtle I will have to at least do the head manually, I think. I just want to learn to do some texture painting and learn to do some rigging, posing and animating. But you are right, I should do weapons for both of them.

Proportions are distorted. And several details (accenting muscles that way, masculine shoulders, …) create a male appearance.

It seems that you are not using good references. Gathering good references is essential for sculpting. It cold take week and even a month to filter out good references. But it does pay out.
It does help if you have access to good reference sites. If you do not need to gather your references, because good ones are offered to you, you spare a lot of time.

The whole process from collecting references to modelling, retopology, rigging, simulations (hair&cloth), texturing and animating is large. And difficult to do for a single person. If you like to do the whole thing, you need to simplify.
It’s also an idea to choose an area of interest, and keep your focus there.

Keep the old chariot rolling.