Tuulikk's mostly sculpting sketchbook

Thank you. I don’t know if I agree about the reference part, except for that some of them could be better and I need more. Masculine shoulders and accented look is what I aim for with her. I want her to be a female Conan the Barbarian, or close to it. I think I will look for anatomical 3D models so I can really understand what I see. Don’t know what to say about proportions and details, hopefully I will learn.

I don’t think my ideas are that big, but they cover a bit of ground. Right now I would be happy if I could paint and pose the models I make, animations are not that important (yet). When it comes to hair, I can sculpt that to start with. Simulations can wait. Maybe I can do a mix of DynRemesh and Decimate to simplify my sculpts enough to finish what I want to do.

You have given me a bit to think about. I will sleep on it. I appreciate the critique, it helps.