Tux Breaks a Window- Linux Haters Beware

Do you like it? Go ahead and criticize, I don’t mind (especially if it’s constructive.) Linux haters, you were forewarned. Please no “I HATE Linux!!!” sort of replies.


lol, nice gag (and a pun too!), but I think he should be whistling though.

Nice image, but the broken window looks a little weird if he say hit it in the center.

Damned! He missed 3 panes!!!

also, if he hit the window from the outside, wouldn’t all the broken glass be inside the house?

not if he took some loose pieces out with the back swing :slight_smile:

In theory, yes. But in real life things don’t tend to be quite that neat, so I put a few bits outside. Note that there are too few pieces on the ground to rebuild the window. I wanted to imply that most of them had gone in.

You try swinging a bat with those stubby little arms! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha i dont hate any os but dont you think he should be carrying some of billgates personal files? I think that would liven things up a bit.

and maybe a little cheeky smile

best thing i saw this summer :smiley: all the crits i thought of seem to be taken.

Ew. What would he want them for?
Nah, just a burned down match…

ok… I like the composition, modelling… but texturing and lighting could be better. it’s a bit boring to look at, and kind of makes me think that otherwise good picture goes to waste because of it.

try to build more dynamic, dramatic lighting.


Funny image, but appart from Tux and the window, everything is grey, it makes this image a little dull (though it might help to focus on the main idea :slight_smile: ). I thing it may look better with more colors.

Haha, that’s indeed a funny picture! Congratulations. Great idea.

I agree with basse and duskblue about the lighting and colours - and I would like him to smirk a bit :D.

Maybe color the house with the cartoonish Windows XP color scheme. How about a sign “Protected by Windows Security systems”?

lol nice how about tux has performed an illeagle operation and will now be shut down

I’m not changing that because this is how I imagined it. I wanted most of the scene to be colorless.

I’m not trying to imply that he broke the window on purpose. Mr. Gates wasn’t home, Tux was playing baseball in his yard, and the inevitable happened.

CRASH tinkle

And the wrath of Mr. Bill was upon him forevermore.

Funny, but Tux really doesn’t look like a cartoon, and he certainly doesn’t look real. He just, doesn’t look very well done. There are a few jagged edges, and the texture especially has a lot of jaggedies. Did you UV map him, because I think that may be the problem. If this is supposed to look kink of 2d cartoonish, then I would suggest you look for the tutorial on toon shading, and apply that to Tux. If you’re going for more of a 3d cartoon, ie bug’s life, then work on the material for tux so it isn’t so shiney like plastic. Also, some ray transparancy in the glass, esp. the glass on the ground would be nice.

I guess I would just rather see this in the WIP then the finished projects, because some refinement could make this a great little cartoon (even though I still, for the most part, like Windows better.)

I think that if he were elsewhere in the frame, maybe looking over his shoulder back at the camera, maybe with more of a shit-eatin’-grin on his face, the shot would play much better. The basic idea is cute but I’ll bet you could work a little harder on the framing and staging.