Tux model


I’m trying to make a tux model that looks as just like the tux in Larry Ewing’s drawing. At the moment the version I am making has lots of triangles, and has a level 2 subsurf modifier applied, but I plan on fixing that.

Any ideas on how to improve the model and the textures is welcome, but I don’t really care about improving the lighting :stuck_out_tongue:


Good starting. Use quads, not triangles for a better polycage. Lesst fat, make legs

Drag the arm pit in a bit.

I know you said you don’t care about improving the lighting but can you at least put a spot light infront of Tux so I can see the front details better?

Thanks for the feedback!

I didn’t wanted to work on lighting because I hope to use this model inside a game, so I don’t have to handle lighting, thought the lack of experience definitly showed because I didn’t used spot lights. But for now I’m just worrying about making the model look like Tux with the subsurf enabled.

Less fat, has legs, the armpits are depper, has a tail, and better texture. Now hopefully all I have to do is small changes to make my model look more like Tux.

Anyways, here’s an update: