Hey guys.
Am sick from school today so I decided to have a day of tutorial making and make a tux model that was good. Running through the Gnome and KDE wallpaper and theme websites I realized how many of the 3d models looked terrible, and if the model looked good the armatures had huge deformation. Here is my quick hour on the lux model (a bit difficult seeings as there aren’t many good reference images. Do tell me what you think or how I could improve it!


Hehe, looks nice.
I would turn down the red light or whatever on the left side of the rendered image.

A small update:)
Thanks for the reply! Yeah I have removed the ambient red from the scene (Agreed. A bit out of place:P). Also converted his eyes to vector-graphics in Inkscape, then exported it as a high-res png. Eyes are better now. Please comment:)


Here is a small update. Ice isn’t very good yet. Will also be adding a blizzard and so on.


Here is the latest update on this small Blend. Ice has been improved, snow has been added, snow texture on the ground, and have done a few little tweaks in the node editor such as , vignetting , vector blur, colour balance, sofglow. Please do tell me what you think! :yes:


Alright this Work In progress has come to an end:) Here is the final shot. In the version that will be put up in the finished projects, it will not be the windows trademark logo, but something close:) Thank you for watching:)



wow haha that fast? over already?
well i was gonna suggest moving tux in front of the ice as he is the focus right?
Also he looks reflective(the black parts)
Also snow is not flat use sculpt tool to add some “hills” here and there, especialy along the ice cube

Be careful to maintain Tux in the spotlight,as he must always remain “unquestionably the center of attention.”

I like the early shots much better because (a) he’s cleanly exposed and well-separated from the background, and (b) he’s in a key-light that is also of a complementary color to the blue ice. (Also, you didn’t cut off his feet.)

I suggest that you render this image “in layers” so that you can very easily adjust the color balance on Tux, on the Ice, and on “everything else” separately, without actually having to re-render every time. Using the “layer lights” facility is also very handy for placing the light exactly where you want it to be.

Once you have everything in this image properly positioned and lit, you can fine-tune the final assembly “in post.” Be sure to use a gamma-correct monitor and a linear workflow. You’ll probably find that very subtle adjustments make a big difference.