TV ad for Brazilian Children and Teenagers' Statute

Hey, guys. =)

Long time since my last post in this finished work session, huh?

Well… this time I come to share a TV ad I animated. It was to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Brazilian Children and Teenagers’ Statute.

Basically the idea is: before that Statute, the children and teenagers were treated as objects by the Law. After the creation of that Statute, they became to be seen as real individuals, with rights and obligations. So we used that Pinocchio-like “doll/real boy” metaphor to express this.

I was responsible for the animation, models, rigs and lights. Backgrounds and paintings were made by Jovan de Melo, soundtrack composed by Carlos Bêla (from Lobo studio) and the direction and final composition by Marck Al (from NitrocorpZ studio).

As a side note, the final composition was made in After Effects. I made some preliminar composition in the node editor, and the “file output” node was REALLY useful to render all the different passes required. =)

Watch it on Vimeo or
On my website


I’d love to read what you think of it.

Great Work, it looks very good! The transition is really cool!