TV Brimness Stand [LuxCore]

Scene that I’ve made a some time ago while practising product visualization with Blender and the LuxCore render engine, the scene is based on this product from Ikea:


Nice result ! any info about render time and configuration/hardware ?

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I have an Intel Core i5 3230M on a 8 year old laptop, so it took about 2-3 hours to get a clean image.
I used Photon GI cache and adaptive sampling

And what happen if you try with this instead ?

Your current settings look like you’re going to render a super big interior scene
with lot of details.

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Reducing the Brute Radius Scale gives me strange looking reflection on the surfaces next to the TV and the noise isn’t reduced much so I kept it at 4.
Brute Force Radius Set to 4:

Brute Force Radius Set to 1:

Is it alright to set the Photon Count to 3 million? I thought the higher the value the more accurate the render will be and lower values can cause artifacts, can you confirm?
Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

the number is connected to the size of the project. If you’re using such huge number for just a small room like this how much photon are going to use in a store like space.
Even my biggest project do not go over 15M.

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