TV Card

I was thinking about geting a TV card so i could watch/record TV on my computer. I only have 1 TV cable going into my cable modem for the internet. Can u just split a TV cable with a simple device and get TV to go into the computer. Please help.

Hmmm… I don’t know about the cable TV/internet stuff. I mean, I know to little to say be able to tell you anything one way or the other.

As for TV cards, you could look at the ones which appear on… went to look for link… I dunno if it’ll help you, but there appears to be such things as cable TV tuners. Anyway, the link I was going to give you is [url=] (scroll to the bottom). If nothing else, picking one of those will mean you can switch to linux without it being (as much of :P) a problem.

Yeah you can just use a standard coaxial splitter from the line running to your modem with no ill effects. Just make sure to use a high quality splitter (~3.5db) and not just a cheap radio shack one… they create a dirty signal.